Why Superposition theorem is NOT applicable to networks containing: Learn it How to Solve

The superposition theorem applies only when each of the parts of the circuit are linear, which happens to be the situation for resistors, capacitors and inductors.

Superposition theorem is NOT applicable

An example which allows me to comprehend the non applicability of this theory is the next: Imagine you have got an NPN BJTransistor with circuits offering present to the base (plenty of To place the transistor ON) and voltage into the collector, the emitter is connected to an impedance. The transistor is ON and is also draining present from C to E. Making use of the superpistion theory will limited circuit The present resource, wich means the transitor turns OFF: No present-day at E. Then, we place back again the current resource and ground the voltage supply at C: no major recent at E. The sum in the currents at E acquired by applying the superposition theory E will be incredibly negligible evaluating to it’s true counterpart. The particularity of non-linear units is the fact their output is non linear to their enter (obviously). For more information about linearity of devices, report to a sign processing system about LTIs (Linear Time Invariant programs).

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